Time for a change, brother

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

Reset. Reboot.

Porn is a desirable forbidden fruit for many. It is evil to me. It objectifies women, supports the sex industry that ruins young lives, f@cks up your head, diminishes sexual pleasure, and kills confidence.

Because, porn consumption has been pushed into a secretive underground fetish it prevents men from being honest in their need for help..

“Porn eliminates any need to connect with a woman emotionally or intellectually.”

The 5 Ways How Porn Kills Your Manliness

It objectifies women

A real man sees a woman for who she is. He respects her and her individuality. She is his equal and deserves respect. Yes, women are often mysterious. And, yes you have to do the work and effort to interact with women, but a real man does this.

Porn, objectifies women. Period. Women become “things” available only to gratify men's sexual urges.

It supports the sex industry

Porn is prostitution. Yes, I said it, prostitution. You’re paying people to have sex so you can watch them do it. And even if you go to the free sights, click bait produces money.

Let me explain it another way.

No man would want his sister to be a porn star, right?! Then why is it okay for someone’s else’s sister to do it?

Screws up your expectations of sex

Porn creates unrealistic expectations in the minds of men about love and sex. In porn, the women are always beautiful, ready to have sex and have perfect bodies.

Usually, they do not talk.

Even the free sites that provide amateur content show off beauty and skin. In short, men can have their way them, and be done.

Of course, the reality is that women are different than the fantasy.

Porn-obsessed men thus have a hard time starting any type of meaningful relationship because the girls they meet do not measure up to the women in magazines and on websites. If a man does establish a loving sexual relationship, many sociologists have noted that men view their partner through a “pornographic filter” and will often resort to impersonal fantasy of some porn scene while having sex because the love from their partner is not enough to satisfy them.

Sexual pleasure is diminished

Our pleasure receptors in our mind are sensitive mechanisms. Trying something new, activate the stimuli of these receptors. After repeated exposure to the stimuli, pleasure plateaus. People often reach for more-more, more porn in order to recover the initial pleasure they once took in the experience. It is a drug! Think cocaine or heroin.

A vicious cycle in which you must seek ever greater and more intense stimulation to return to your initial pleasure level is created.

Eventually you overwhelm and numb your pleasure receptors. 

The idea that the more sexual images will make you happier, the opposite is true.

If you want to have a good love life, avoid the porn

It kills your manly confidence

Porn kills a lot of confidence you have in yourself. Men usually turn to porn when they’re depressed and lonely. Instead of making the effort to get out and meet real women, many men take the easy way with porn. This only leaves them feeling empty inside. Pornography can become a crutch for a man, which in turn can sap even more of their confidence.

Porn will ruin your life. Marriages end because of this insatiable addiction. Long-term boyfriends and girlfriends who have split up due to it. The stories are real and numerous.

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