"I’m Aaron Walter (Doc Walter!). Coach and Mentor. Recovering addict. 

I work with ambitious men who want to break free from the chains of pornography addiction. I'm a mindset-shifter, bravery-giver, fellow warrior and brother-in-arms.

I'm the Founder of a unique individualized coaching program. SLAYTHEDRAGON strategy! 🧠


I've worked in pornography addiction for over 25 years, so I know A LOT about making recovery work at the personal and interpersonal level. I'm also a retired perfectionist, so I know A LOT about procrastination, self-doubt, anxiety, relapses, victories and how to stop being my own worst enemy.


I offer admission into a LIVE 6-week 1-1 coaching master group course that help men who Just. Can't. Stop.

We co-create doable strategies together.

If you have not been freed and transformed your life in the tools and habits implemented I promise another 6 weeks FREE!

I do what I do because I never want to see another man held back from doing what he wants in life because he has a lack of confidence in his own amazing abilities due to addiction. I choose this for myself and I help them choose it for themselves.

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